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Note: This journal is divided into sections so you can more easily find whichever one you're looking for. Emergency commissions are listed below Send Help. Please tell me if any offers have expired. And if you want (or know of someone you think should be) on any of these lists, just message me; a note or a comment on my profile are both fine.

Note: I am trying to revamp this document. Journals have limited space, so I filter commission offers pretty strictly and am going to start erasing usernames and prayer requests at regular intervals. Be sure to check ts-watch and emergencycommissions on Tumblr. That's where I get most of my info from.



Dear diary

This has become more of a diary for me than a social media page. I have a few comments here and there, and a few messages saying I can talk to them if I need to. What I need is to break down and cry and have someone hold me. Don’t tell me it’ll be alright, I’ve heard it before. Don’t tell me to calm down, I can’t. Just let me cry and scream, yell, and talk.

Think I’m going to kill myself today. I’ve ruined everything in my life.

Not really much to say. Thinking I’ll put my suicide note on here. Just in case I don’t succeed I can say I wasn’t feeling good and took too many on accident, no one will know the difference. I wanta say something to someone. My cousins, or aunts, or a friend in another city, but all they’ll do is try and stop me.

I can’t stop thinking of this quote I stumbled upon: 
“Nothing in my life has ever made me want to commit suicide more than people’s reaction to my trying to commit suicide.” - Emilie Autumn

So many pills so little time. I’m sure I’ll be back again today with another post, spoiler alert, it’s my suicide note. Just have to put a few things in order first. Like what pill to take first? Sleeping pills or pain pills. Hmmmmmmmm" --

(but be warned that some of these images might be sexual if you click on the link)

I have hit a point of desperation I never quite thought I would, and I am in dire need of help. I have done my best to strive forward, job hunt, and push myself out of the living situation I am in, but its proving impossible.

So finally, I have to admit openly that I am being abused by my mother. Severely so. I am not allowed to bathe myself, brush my teeth, wash my laundry, etc.,without getting screamed at and the things that are most important to me threatened. She destroys my things, harms my animals, and takes away things that I need to survive. She does everything she can to remind me that I am worthless.

I am not allowed to eat or take care of myself. I am expected to be a slave and keep the house spotless, and I am harassed to the point of tears and panic attacks if not. I eat one meal a day, if that, that my husband brings home from his fast food job. 

My mother has physically harmed my pets, has broken my belongings, and encouraged my suicidal thoughts.She abuses me and my siblings on a regular basis, and has even driven one of my younger sisters to the point of self harm, and lashed out at me when I tried to defend my younger sister after my mother threatened her and demeaned her for wanting to hurt herself.

I can’t live like this. I am falling apart. I have no desire to be alive anymore, but I can’t leave my husband behind in this desolate --------. I need help. I am filthy, I am starving, and I cannot leave the house without fear of my things being destroyed or killed. 

My best friend is willing to help me and my husband, but we need more funding, and I cannot get a job. I am willing to negotiate even further with prices if I need to.

My mother is trying to force us out by the 11th of July, but I am going to demand an eviction notice if she pushes it too far, but the abuse will only worsen.

Please email me at to send me your commission info. My paypal email is the same. Make sure you pay through goods and services, unless by some grace of GOD you feel the urge to donate.

Any and all help is appreciated. All prices are negotiable. Thank you in advance, and I’m sorry to have to bring such a negative thing across your dash. I just can’t live like this anymore. I need help, desperately. " --…

URGENT… (TW - Profanity)

CW - Profanity


This is a very selfish thing to do and I’m sure it’ll get like 0 attention, but I need help

 October 04th 2015, is was diagnosed with a very deadly high grade stage 4 appendix cancer. Studies show that even with treatment I have about 3% chance of beating this. for the most part chemo is doing a very good job shrinking the tumors, but the chemo will never be enough and eventually my body will build up a tolerance to it. In attempt to prolong my life for as long as possible, the surgeons want to open me up and try to remove everything that way. Unfortunately it’s a pretty spendy procedure, and my dad won’t put me on his insurance because he doesn’t want want anything to do with our family anymore, and my mom hasn’t been able to find a decent paying job for months and months, no matter how hard she tries. The hospital won’t do the surgery unless we have some sort of proof that we can pay the bills afterwards. If we don’t get the money, and I don’t get the surgery I have 2-3 months left to live. If you have any extra money it would mean the absolute world to me if you could donate to my gofundme.

If you can’t donate then please please please reblog so that theres at least a chance this post might be able to reach someone who can.

Most of the time I wouldn’t post anything involving me asking for money, but when I’m this close to death I’m becoming a bit more desperate. If you do donate thank you and know that I truly do appreciate it more than anything. 

You can donate here if you decide to

Send Help!
The following people are struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, mental illness, and other personal issues. Please send them some nice messages! Note that these issues can persist, deteriorate, and fluctuate, so if you can keep an eye on these people and check their pages regularly. (Last updated 7/28/2016 at 9:45 AM)

URGENT - loveismycure (TW - NSFW) is in serious need of help right now.

i look at life at a weird logic, ever since 6 years old i began to have the belief of friends = worth
i still believe it, now im 17 and im a single, friendless pot addict. i have no family that really helps besides my dad. i do appreciate my father for all of his support but i need friends and a social life and feel worth. sadly he cant provide it. october 7th 2015 was the day my heart broke into a infinite ammount of pieces, its never coming back together. now i have to live with habit of feeling guilt and abandonment. every friendships end the same, they get a boyfriend or girlfriend or new friend and i have trauma come back to me and i break down, cry, self harm and have suicidal thoughts. many of my great friends have done that, im happy for them, but at the same time i dont feel as needed. i feel ------- guilty for feeling that way. i was so isolated with my ex, we both didn’t talk to anyone, and we would beat eachother for talking to anyone..and im still hurt from it, still feeling that way. i want my friends happy, i usually put them before me. now i feel like…ill never have that boyfriend or girlfriend i want to fill my scars, or have friends who will never leave me..and push me into the light. i have attempt suicide twice last month. its not normal for me, ive been voilent, angry and destructive…why..i just dont wanna feel alone..i want the pain to stop, i want to feel accepted and loved,, god please let me die please i cant wait any longer, i have no more energy, just let me ------- die in so ------- lonely. "

fun fact of the day im running away from home "


I’ve written my suicide note 36 and a half times.

Each time, I have changed the people I address it too, ultimately ending with the -------- “Dear Everyone.”

Each time, I have changed the people I thank. Who deserves to be thanked really. Those who said nothing? Those who I confided in but did nothing?

Did anyone notice I stopped taking my pills? 
Did anyone notice I never called the therapist back?

The number of things that I leave behind dwindles every day and I my knuckles are going white from trying to hold on.

The more I rewrite it, the more I know I want to do this one day. The more it feels right, and secure.

When, I don’t know. 
Where, I don’t know.

All I know, is that as the blood drains out of my head, with an object in my hand

r as my cold stiffened body lays on the ground, whoever finds me must take a look around.

Take a look around wherever I am, and look for a note. Take a look around and realized why the universe failed to do.

Another helpless soul trampled by something that has no cure. Something that you should get over.

Stop being such a -----. Just do it. " --

" I hate myself so much I just want to die. I`m so fat and I ate too much today and just recently in general I eat too much. I need to stop eating so much but I don`t want to cut and I need to punish myself somehow so I do it by making myself eat too much but it doesn`t count as an actual binge because it`s not enough calories in one sitting to count but I can`t stop. I need to stop.. I need to stop eating, I need to stop being so fat, I need to stop just existing. I don`t want to exist anymore and I can`t tell if the thoughts are getting worse because of an anniversary coming up or if it`s something else. My birthday should never have happened, I should never have been born. I don`t want another one. I`d be happy if I don`t have to have this one, but it appears I don`t have much of a choice. It`s not like ending my existence is an option. I`d just end up failing and end up in the hospital on my birthday and I rather not… but oh my gosh do I want to die right now.. Sorry.. " -- yourfavourite--goodbye.tumblr.…

The user… (TW - Suicide, blood, self-harm, violence) has also attempted suicide. Please send some help immediately!… (Self-harm) (TW - Blood, high flicker-rate gif, artistic nudity)

" I need help…


I’m drowning inside my head and I just want it to end. I’m alone and want to kill myself . Please just talk to me. Please help me.. Please
Kik; xxKenzieAlexisxx "

I hate hate hate that my moods can change at the drop of a hat. One second I’m fine, the next I’m anything but fine and I’m fighting for my own sanity. And you know what’s great? No one really cares or believes me because if I tell anyone they’ll just be like ‘but you were fine half and hour ago…’ 
I KNOW I FINE HALF AN HOUR AGO. Now I’m obviously NOT fine. " --

The following are in need of help
(I cannot guarantee all trigger warnings were touched on or that some of these are still relevant) (TW - Suicide)… (TW - Suicidal ideation, depression) (no askbox available) (TW - Suicide) (no askbox available) (TW - Suicide and self-harm) (no askbox available)

TRIGGER WARNING for depression, suicide, self-harm so please don’t visist their blog if these could be harmful for yourself.
Also, they do not have an askbox, but you can message them via tumblr messenger. 


Trigger Warning: Nudity, so link sends directly to ask box.


Trigger Warning: Suicide, so link sends directly to ask box!

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder, so link sends directly to ask box.

Trigger Warning: Explicit and Weird posts, so link sends directly to the ask box.… (TW) (Link leads to Ask box)… (TW - Suicide) (Link leads to Ask box)… (TW - Suicide) (They don't have an Ask box)

feelingsofapeiceofgarbage.tumb… (TW, I'm not sure for what though) (TW - Suicide note)…
smokingsilencehatekillz.tumblr… (their parents' relationship may be in trouble)…
fifty-shades-of-suiiciide.tumb… TW - Sexual content; their cursor is an inverted cross

Please also help - (ed), (suicidal), (dealing with trauma), just-another-depression-blog-6… (TW for potential violence/NSFW) (depression), (TW - Sexual content in text posts) (Mental illness), (TW - Fetish photography, though from what I've seen it's technically SFW) (suicidal), (TW - Nudity) (depressed, suicidal), (anxiety), (TW - Blood in their profile pic; it isn't fictional, either. You can see it in their ask box, too), (Depression, suicide) (TW - Profanity in their blog header), anotherborderlinebaby.tumblr.c… (struggling with BPD) (TW - 18+, TWs not tagged)… , tami-toy (anxiety), queerly-cute, trickster--kankri (TW - Their avatar pic is sexual), ventsintheatmosphere, (TW - Suicide and NSFW), vampire-weekdayys (TW - There's a rather disturbing image on their main page), kittensnightmares (suicidal thoughts), owl1en (mental illness, suicidal), just-another-mental-diary06 (mental illness), hik-ikomori (suicidal), distresssing (TW - Sexual content), being--borderline (mental illness), lost-inthe-ashes, Acaciathorn (on deviantArt; chronic illness), catty-kitkat (chronic illness?), 

Emergency Commissions
Click on the names for more information, pricing, and examples of artists' works. Note that purchasing copyrighted materials may violate Fair Use laws. This section is being re-vamped for better accessibility. (Last updated 7/28/2016 at 11:10 AM)

My sister and I have finally payed off my dog's hospital bill, thank you all so much for the help! Now I have to tackle one more huge ER Hospital Bill from last year. I was in the ER because left eye was extremely dilated to the point it affected my vision and even had to see a neurologist and have a CT scan. Everything has since then has been good, however I now owe the Hospital $660 and it is seriously past due.I'm super afraid of it affecting my credit and any legal problems as well. I would appreciate any help that I can get, thank you!
Hey guys, so it's been a while since I've posted on here, and I need your help. You can read the full story here on my tumblr
But long story short I'm in need of help with my dog's medical bill. She was attacked by another dog and had

Help needed!My friend, RayFierying's been robbed! Their father's truck was broken into, which means they lost quite a few valuable and expensive tools. The situation is slowly improving thankfully, but more help is needed! You can see more in this journal:

If helping out for the sake of helping doesn't interest you, you can easily get yourself a HQ art commission (especially those pixels), since they're very cheap at this point. And I'm not kidding when I say that Ray is probably 300x better at pixelling than I am. :')… needs money to help her move out of an abusive home and get an ultrasound to check for breast cancer.
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** 
janedoodles and skag-meat need money to help them move out of abusive homes. sianach and their mother are also in an abusive situation.
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… :: "I’m kind of in a financial bind right now, a part of my family is having trouble paying they bills and we want to help them out, but we are already in a sort of financial bind. So, I am opening up art commissions to help pay for the cost of these separate things, and sort of to help my family out in general. ... My Paypal is if you want to commission or donate!"
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… (Photomanips) :: "On Monday July 25th we recieved a notice to leave the apartment we currently live in, We have to be out of here by September first,  That gives us a little over a month to find a new place and move all of our stuff.  We have no car, no family members who would help us out… We are stuck and very stressed. ... I don’t have a job currently, and there is no way I’d be able to get one right now that would secure the type of money I need, and I’d have to quit it when I moved anyway…  My mom is working FULL TIME but we still have to pay next months rent… which is 525$ of the 700$ we get.. Not enough, definently not enough. ... if you are unable to commission/don’t need commissions,

a donation to my new ko-fi:

or my paypal: 

or to changetip: 

please signal boost this.  We need to be out of here by september first or we’ll be out on the street."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… (Digital & Traditional) :: "i am broke and my family’s financial problems aren’t helping. so i have to manage all my expenses and school funds by myself for now."

*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… (Digital & Traditional) :: "Donations, Commissions, whatever it takes. I am fighting for disability and currently in a wheelchair. I need to pay off 90 dollars before September to see my doctor. I need copay to see others. I need money for meds. We need money for food and bills. ... Please if anyone can help even just a dollar can help out so much. I had one person who donated and it went straight to a copay and meds. I take 12 pills a day now and none are free under my insurance. My lowest copay is 35 dollars. My husband makes roughly 1300 with two jobs after taxes, that with rent, food, and bills leave us broke. I really need some help this month. My husbands paypal is Please pass this around, I am desperate. I am at the verge to just killing myself because I feel so much weight no both of us and it’s all my fault. I can’t control my health I know but it makes it worse knowing there is nothing I can do.  No family or friends to help us either.  "
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… (Digital Drawing & Paint, Anthro) :: "Yesterday I found out my grandfather might not make it another year. I just moved to LA and he lives in Michigan. I need to get there by Friday July 22nd.

My family and I go out to see my grandparents almost every year. But I just moved and didn’t have the funds to make it this year. This might be my last chance to see him due to the distance and how much it costs to get a ticket."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… :: "Hello everyone. I was just kicked out from the place I am living. I was told that I have until next Sunday to be gone. 

I have no job and no connections in a strange new place. I could really use some help please. I need money to buy a new drivers ID, for gas, food, things for my dog, and a uhaul to transport things. ... 

Donate here: ...

Commission Prices:"

*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… :: "Hello! I’m still looking for some cash due to lack of a job, and I’d be totally down to draw your character(s)! I’m willing to draw just about anything."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… (Digital & Traditional, Laminated, Stickers, Redbubble) :: "Long story short, my bank account was charged with over $300 on something I had no idea about/didn’t agree to. I didn’t have a lot of money in my account to begin with so it now I have -$300 in my bank account."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… :: "I still have about $1000 I need to pay off on bills and car repairs and I’m still unfortunately unemployed due to anxiety ... paypal only and the email to send payment to"

*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… :: "Hey guys! my friend and I are aiming to move out in September, we both have jobs, I’m looking for a second, and in the meantime, I still gotta make some for stuff like computer & bike repair, a new phone & drawing tablet because they’re garbage, credit card debt we didn’t even incur, better summer/upcoming winter clothes, pet care, more to eat than Mac& Cheese etc. ... You can also check out our GoFundMe here."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***
(TW - Profanity and a link to NSFW commission examples, but no inappropriate images on this post)… (Writing & Drawing) :: "     Heyhey everyone its Fione and I’m in a bit of a bad place!!  To put it simply, I am not eating enough and need money to buy food.  I would appreciate even the cheapest commission so that I can stay healthy and worry about saving for college…"
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… (Digital & Traditional, Bandcamp, Redbubble) :: "i really hate to do this but i’m in a super tight spot right now. i’m currently struggling pretty hard with mental illness, so i’m unemployed, & live at home with my mom. her hours at work just got severely cut, and because we haven’t been contacted by housing yet, we don’t know if we get to keep the apartment. i would be able to move in with my grandma but my mom wouldn’t have anywhere to go. there’s also the possibility of us losing wifi, which would obviously be bad as a lot of my ways to make us more money (commissions, etc) are online.

i have an EP on bandcamp, and i have shirts and other products on redbubble. if you buy my EP or anything through redbubble, i’ll send you a free sketch of anything you like, just send proof of purchase!

i also do traditional commissions. pricing info is in the link."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… (Original Music & Writing, Patreon) :: "Hi everyone! I’m not sure how effective this will be but I figured it was worth a shot. I’m moving out from my abusive dad and everything was fine and dandy until I talked to my manager about transferring stores. My current one was 45 minuets away from my new place and that’s not exactly good for a daily commute. The kicker here is that the new store can only give me 10-15 hours. I’m in the process of looking for a second job but it may take a while (heaven knows it did for the first one) and my savings can only get me so far before the bills catch up to me."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***

 Honestly, I am at a loss, got screwed over with a commission & need $65 to eat & pay a bill today.. sad… confused, last resort, any amount helps.. Will do artwork or any other type of service to repay just let me know. You can send paypal here: & I will get it.

For examples of my work you can see
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***
(TW - Profanity)… :: "HELLO citizens of tumblr. This is Maria, and I have decided to start comissions cause I’m broke as ----. And I need to pay for rent, bills, food, allergy medicine."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***… :: "My hours for the past couple of weeks were really lean, and I don’t have enough to pay my credit card bill. I don’t even know if I have enough to get to and from work."
*** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- *** *** --- ***

the-papergheist (TW - Sexual content) needs money for rent.… has had their car repossessed and will be fired if they can't get it back.

kuuderecupcake needs $1000 for bills and car repairs, and is unemployed.
datpyrolady has been kicked out of their home while trying to find a job.
apple-eater's brother got into a wreck.… needs money to get their chronic pain treated.… (WARNING - Nudity) needs money for food, rent, and bills until August.
9r022 (TW - Sexual content) is in serious need of rent money after being fired from their job due to health problems.
elkeating needs some extra money this summer.

numberone-princess is having medical problems that forced them to not only drop out of school, but miss two job opportunities. Right now they are trying to get disability, but need money in the meantime.
krem-de-le-creme is also in need of some financial help right now, and is accepting both commissions and donations. They have just enough money for rent, but need some for food and other necessities
crimsonnightshade will need rent money for six months, starting in August.
carryonflower needs some help so that they don't lose a college scholarship.
katy-133 needs some extra money this June and July.
wingedtrumpet is taking commissions to pay off college tuition.
butterscotchhappy needs $300 to pay off their summer tuition.
shieldofacleric (TW - NSFW) needs $300 to get into college.

The following are in serious need of financial help - zeladanial (also on dA), <a wytiwyg="1" http:="""" post="" 147106878895="" cmdonovann-hey-everybody-i-just-moved-and-my"="">CMDonovann</a>, thecatsred (TW), picachures, justanotherlonelytroll, little-missmidnight, beanieart (TW - Nudity), adriyelchan, siamzblog, chari-artist (also on deviantART), seebeenanigins (information here), tlouey, flickex (needs some extra money until they get a job), spookisheets, callmekouhaii (TW - NSFW), percyinpanties (TW - NSFW), echobows, lexlambs (needs to pay off student loans), sekhmet-heart, (also on DA), lonkkuart (saving up money in case their internship requires them to move to a different city; only has 5 euros in their bank account), agatadraws (until the sometime in July), thiscatdraws (this summer; trying to help her family), adriscribbles (until the end of August), prillow (is also taking chibi commissions), nico-arts, heecawroo, megidolmao, anakin-skylord, thesleepiestsheepy, wingedidiot, sleepypyromancer, bikenesmith, and lealin-art (TW - NSFW), galacticjonah (TW - Profanity), crave-that-mineral, (writing commissions) misssnisnicket

Commissions Pricing by ShouYume  Attention all Commission seekers!!My lovely Soulmate in Christ; Celestites Is currently in need of some funds and has currently opened her commissions! Anyone out there seeking cute, creative, and VERY high quality works or designs even for fair price, go check her out! Commission details as well as terms and conditions are right here!
Thank ya all for stopping by!
P.S. To my fellow good friends on here any anyone who is willing, if you could all be so kind as to assist us both in forwarding this journal and message unto others, it would mean a great deal to us both, thank you all in advanced for your time and support, God bless!!

Other Donations

Please help this woman get a life-saving liver transplant.…

Please donate to help fund this man's chemotherapy - oh-the-cleverness-0f-me.tumblr…

lunaangel1996 is in desperate need of financial help right now! They need money for seizure medications, food, and other medical expenses. Their paypal is Please help!

the-great-and-powerful-satsuki… is in a serious financial bind.

There is a GoFundMe page to help support the family of a police officer killed in the recent Dallas shooting.

might not be posting much here for a while.

dad lost his job. now we don’t have any way to pay rent. so we’re probably going to lose our home.

can’t stop worrying about what we’re going to do. this is scary. i’ve never been in a situation like this. and we dont have a whole lot of food left. " -- (A donation widget is on their page)

thereddestglass needs around $500 to pay off some bills and get a new cellphone. But please note they are selling copyrighted material! Their paypal account is, so you can just donate to it.

Please help us, that isn’t easy for me to say, but I’m more than willing. My family really needs help, if you’re close with us you know my amazing mom, Veronica Hill, recently finished school and has been working as nurse; her lifelong goal. With that blessing however, we lost all government assistance, including Section 8, which I’m not embarrassed to admit is the only reason we’ve been able to avoid being homeless again, since about 2011. Because she’s out of school, she has to pay on her student loans, payments that are about $780 dollars a month. We don’t qualify for food stamps, she has to pay for health insurance, we simply can’t afford rent right now, and starting in July we’d owe $1200 a month on top of everything else. My mother is a strong woman, an incredible mother and she’s doing everything she can, but we need help. Please help us from homelessness. She’s so drained and I just miss my mom. I really just want her to have a little faith again; a bit of peace for her to get back on her feet all the way to not feel so crushed.

You think once you’re finally out of poverty it'll get better, but then you’re worse off, figuring it out in the cycle of poverty. It's likely if we can't figure this out soon my two younger siblings Asuncion and Julius, will have to move back to VA. The last thing I want is for my family to be separated, so I'm begging. It'll be a miracle I know, but we just need help, the point we’re at, even a dollar is a gift. Please, help my family get out of this cycle, I know the goal is lofty and I don’t expect it all. I ask even if you can’t donate, which I understand, everyone is struggling; that you can please help share this one.

If there’s any information I can provide or anything else you need to feel confident in donating, please don’t be reluctant to ask I can be reached heremost times of day. " --…


antiandrogen needs some help to pay off a $300 medical bill. Donations can be sent via PayPal to

“ Hi, sorry to bother you but could you check out and share my gofundme page? I’m trying to raise money for my dad. He’s a paranoid schizophrenic and I really want to do something nice for him. He battles with voices everyday telling him they’re vandalizing his car and stealing from us while working a full-time job. He’s always stressed out and i worry about his health. He’s getting up there in age and I really want to do something to help him. I’m trying to send him on a trip he’s always wanted to go on. I really want to see my dad happy again. “

Prayer Requests

I think I have bowel cancer. I have spoken to my doctor about it and he is obviously going to do some tests. The whole thing extremely worries me, and doctors are a big fear of mine so it took a lot to go to see him about it. Do you have any tips or advice for coping with anxiety in general, or possibly the doctor/hospital fear, and also panic attacks? I really want this to go as smoothly as it possibly can. Thank you. -Z. " (This wasn't sent to me btw)

Jovan, there is a missing muslim girl in the Houston area called tasnim akhtar. U will find her if you search the tags on twitter for @neurohate TASNIM AKHTAR, please if possible share with ur large fan base for visibilty!!!!!!! " (This wasn't sent to me btw)

Hello, I am fighting a losing battle with depression and have a weird peace regarding suicide. Logically I know that doesn't make sense, but emotionally it feels right. I having been praying and while I do have moments of relief I feel as though God has either turned a blind eye to me or wants me to end it all for the greater good of the Kingdom or something. I dunno. But if you could pray that I either come out of this dark abyss or meet my end soon that would be wonderful, thanks. " (this wasn't sent to me, btw)

An anonymous person with BID is dating one of their alters. Also, the Tumblr user oikawaotic, who once attempted suicide, has closed their account. So has just-another-mental-diary06.tu… and idncare.

Alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating health of a asylum detainee in Thailand's notorious Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Bangkok, American and British charities are collaborating to ensure the release of the innocent victim. ... Our contacts in the refugee community state that Mr. Noshad Young is seeking medical treatment. They are reporting that Noshad Young is a heart patient, whose health has been deteriorating over the past month. They are reporting that he has been unable to eat for days, has blisters in his mouth, and is suffering from continuous anal discharge. His family tells the refugee community that his health is in serious jeopardy at this time. ... Noshad Young (52 years) is one of the many Christians who fled the persecuted the faced in Pakistan because of adherrance to the Christian faith. He arrived in Thailand in 2013 along with his family and applied for asylum through a legal process in any other country. However, as Thailand refuses to sign UN conventions for asylum his official status with the Royal Thai Government is 'visa overstayer' despite having registered under the UNHCR process and having official documents. With no access to employment, healthcare, education or any other statutory provision - life is harsh for asylum seekers. However, when arrested and incarcerated in the brutal IDC, 'harsh' takes on a more sinister meaning. Detainees in the IDC suffer malnutrition, serious hygiene issues, spread of infections, bullying and harassment, loss of freedom and 200 are cramped into rooms that can fit only 100 inmates - meaning detainees are forced to sleep crouching, over one another or in many cases standing up. ... "For the last month Noshad's health has reached a very critical stage. He is eating extremely small amounts, has blisters in his mouth, is suffering from constipation and has described severe pains in the region of his heart. The whole Pakistani Christian asylum seeker is concerned for his health and we are praying for his release and receipt of medical attention." ...
View BBC Documentary (click here)
Please sign our petition (click here)
The individual's name and contact information is as follows:

Full name: Noshad Young
Immigration detainee number: 8689
Immigration detention room number: 3

You can reach the UNHCR Thailand office at:
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
UNHCR Regional Representative in Thailand
3rd Floor, United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Nok Avenue, 10200 Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: 66 2 288 1858
FAX: 66 2 280 0555

Please Pray: 

That Pak-Christians would be safe and find shelter in Thailand without fear of arrest or mistreatment
For their daily food and shelter and for medical needs to be met
That God would intervene and that Thai authorities would recognise Pakistani Christians asylum seekers 
For education to be available to the children and the teachers to be safe from arrest

If you feel led to help suffering brothers and sisters in Thailand, then please (click here) or use these bank details:

Sort Code: 20-44-22
Account number: 43163318 
Bank: Barclays

Ref: Love for brothers and sisters in Thailand

If you would like donate using PayPal our PayPal email address is:

Any cheques should be made payable to the BPCA to our address: 57 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1XG.
With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan "

A Christian man has been accused of a blasphemy over a poem that was sent to a Muslim friend by Whats app. Police are now on a nationwide manhunt for Nadeem James Masih (35 years) who is the father of 2 children. ... The First Information Report (FIR) registered against Nadeem states that a telephone with the blasphemous texts has been submitted to the police. Shaukhat believes that Yasir Bashir sent the text to himself, from Nadeem's phone to incriminate Nadeem. He has stated that Nadeem James is illiterate.

Please sign our petition (click here) " -- BritishPakistaniChristians

Be in prayer for a fellow deviant's husband who is being treated for Congestive Heart Failure. They are close friends of mine and are missionaries in Scotland. "

I am not strong enough this morning.

I am not strong enough most mornings. I am seeking God’s strength instead of my own.

My family is facing the loss of my grandmother. More than anything, it hurts to see my mom hurt. She is the most gentle woman I know. She does not deserve this.

I cannot be strong, not even physically. I am in pain. I don’t get enough sleep because I am in pain. Today I can’t eat.

I no longer feel joyful. I am plagued with anger at the world and its people. I am filled with guilt and hatred for myself, my thoughts, my actions.

I am not strong enough and I don’t know what to do except cry out and trust that things will get better. " --…

anti-feminism-pro-cats on Tumblr is going through a lot in her life right now; she's taking care of a one-year-old as well as her father (who has cancer), working a full-time job, and trying to hold her marriage together. Please pray for her.…

foolishlyharry asked:

Do you know anyone travelling in or living in Morocco? Very important, my friend has gone missing, please help!! 30/05/16 

I dont! If anyone does, please message her! " (This wasn't sent to me, btw)

Daughter Goes HomeMy church friend's youngest daughter has lost her fight with cancer. The family is not doing well. My family will visit them this month. Please pray for the family's strength and for my wisdom to say the right things...
Daughter's name was Kylie,  and she was twelve years old.
Thank you...

  Messiah Monday~Prayer Requests~5-21-16 Update 4Sent in by vanityfair.
My father has Parkinson's and we need ALOT of prayer!
It's been hard for us, lately.
I do have to say something, though.
Two good things did come out of this.
1) My father accepted Jesus last February.
2) He stopped drinking.
He had been an alcoholic for more than 24 years...something like that. You don't know what we've gone through with him during those times and now, THIS!
Me and Mom are exhausted.
Anyway...God bless you!
Sent in by gymnosophist ~ I would like to be added to the prayer list.
If you want to add more detail let me know.
Sent in by Pageturner19 from a status request ~  If you are the praying type please send up a prayer for me. My health is the bane of my existence right now
Sent in by Kipporah by status request ~
Prayer Request please For my friend Dana that the Devil will quit tempting her with adultery.
Sent in by Anonymous let me know if you want your name shown.
I was wondering if you could please pray for me, the enemy (I'm pretty
   Prayer ReqeustsNeed Prayer?  Send us a note! :pray:
If you would like prayer please send us a note with "Prayer Request" in the subject line and we will include your request for prayer in our next prayer journal.
If you have received an answer to prayer please let us know so that we can all rejoice together! :la:

"I admonish and urge that petitions, prayers, -intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered on behalf of all men."
1 Timothy 2:1
Prayer Requests
These members or supporters need our help with lifting up a trial, worry, or tribulation that they are going through. Please say a word of prayer for the following Deviants.
Updated 17/07/2016
DH4753 said the following:
Hello, everyone, DH4753 here. I am asking for prayer in that I would be able to get a job. I have not had one since March 2014, and all of my efforts have been fruitless. I also am needing prayer

MIDDLE EAST — Pray for Christians Helping Displaced People like “Fatima"

VOM Sources

War and instability throughout the Middle East have created opportunities for Christians there to reach out to displaced believers as well those of other faiths. Two Christian women have been meeting regularly with a Muslim woman named “Fatima,” who fled Syria with her two young children when the fighting began. Fatima’s husband left her, and she struggles financially. Please pray for Christians in the Middle East who share the love of Christ with refugees and internally displaced people.

RUSSIA — Pray for Russian Believers, Prohibited from Evangelizing

VOM Sources, Release International

A new law that goes into effect on July 20 could result in stiff fines for Christians who evangelize in Russia. The law, approved by the State Duma, will make it unlawful for Christians to share their beliefs with others in their homes, online or anywhere outside a registered church building. While the law is intended to prevent acts of terrorism, Christians fear that they could be linked to terrorism simply by sharing their faith with someone through an email or in a public place. The penalty for breaking the new law is the equivalent of six weeks’ wages for an individual and more than twenty times that for an organization. Pray for members of unregistered churches, and pray that the Duma will amend the new law in response to public outcry.

CHINA — Pray for Imprisoned Pastor Yang Hua, Threatened by Authorities

VOM Sources

Pastor Yang Hua, who has been held for more than six months on charges of “divulging state secrets,” has recently received a series of threats from prison officials. Pastor Yang told his lawyer that prosecutors had threatened his life and those of his wife and sons, inflicted physical harm and demanded his cooperation. In a recent letter to his wife, Pastor Yang encouraged her to trust God’s plan and continue doing His will as she raises their two sons alone. Yang and his lawyer are filing a lawsuit against the officials. Please pray for Yang Hua and his family.

NIGERIA — Pray for the Family of Pastor Joseph Kura, Who Was Killed Recently

VOM Sources

On June 30, the mutilated body of Pastor Joseph Kura, of Evangelical Church Winning All in Obi, Nasarawa, was found at his farm. Local Christians suspect that the attackers were Fulani herdsmen hired by a Muslim farmer who disputed the ownership of Kura’s farm. Arguments over land and livestock often result in violence against Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region. Recently, Fulani herdsmen armed with military-grade weapons have attacked predominantly Christian areas, killing hundreds and forcing thousands from their homes. Please pray for Pastor Kura’s wife and seven children. 

-- VOM

"In Eritrea, secret believers face the choice of migrating overseas or constantly moving to avoid detection. Pray that God would lead these believers to those who can help and that they can be a witness, especially during Ramadan. Believers are on the run for their faith in Central Asia. Pray for God to protect them, especially during Ramadan. Pray for Eritreans undergoing torture and other crimes against humanity for placing their faith in Jesus Christ. Ramadan can be a time of increased interrogation and arrests. Pray for those who have come to Christ but have not told their families yet. Pray for God to provide guidance, safety and peace." -- VOM

And please pray for gracegreaterthanallmysins, mustcryalone, gtasoldier (TW - sexual content, nudity), neoinean-griene, and throughgraceimsaved on Tumblr.

Please Also See 
tswatch - Tumblr suicide watch. Sometimes they give you the names of users who need support.
emergencycommissions - But please note that there is some uncensored nudity; and selling fanart is a violation of Fair Use laws.

And finally,



SDA-MessengersOracle said the following:

I need prayer for my daughter. She's dealing with demon possession right now and I can't even begin to tell you how emotionally and spiritually exhausting it is on all of us (myself, my husband and my mother who lives with us). My church was just made aware of this and while people are reserved about the topic and may not know what to think and yada yada, they still seek to pray and I have requested that my house be prayed over and dedicated.

There isn't so much an atmosphere of invitation as to why my daughter is under Satan's control right now (I don't tolerate magic, spiritualism, or even Disney anymore, or fantasy) but rather the problem is the condition of her heart. She's 3 1/2 and is at the point of testing and rebelling against authority. It was a problem about 2 months ago in which has gained momentum, but now, it's beyond a basic rebelling, it's beyond a basic tantrum: it's demonic screaming at the slightest challenge to her agenda, supernatural strength and combativeness, and aggressive growling and roaring when crossed in a way she takes as a threat to her will. 

I have personally been afflicted, oppressed, harassed, and possessed myself so I know the signs as to this dreaded supernatural occurrence, I'm too familiar with this topic to not know what it is. 

We pray with her often, pray over her, and always put on a youtube channel "amazing worship" with all recorded congregational sung hymns that we sing along with when she goes into these massive fits of satanic wrath. It defuses her and she sometimes wonders what has happened which tells me she doesn't realize what's actually going on at the time. The demons that afflict her are troubling her because she has invited them because of the condition of her heart right now. She want's power and to be in control, and because of some trying circumstances from the first 6 months of this year, Satan had a doorway that he's been waiting to walk through. Now that Hadahsa (my daughter) has opened the door because of her attitude, he won't back down because she won't give up the desire for power.

I ask for FERVENT prayer for her heart to melt to God's wooing and calling to her as we keep her in the influence of Godly minded things, mainly 3ABNkidsTV. 

Please don't read this and be afraid, God is stronger, but He gives us free will. Satan does this when there are things wrong in our hearts because it's not about your circumstances, your environment (it does contribute but sin originated in a perfect environment), it's only ever been about the matters of the heart and mind. That's all he wants because that's what God want's from you, your heart and your mind that He may give you His heart and His mind instead. So please pray and pass the word along for prayer too if you're so moved. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to care. It's hard to see my daughter go through some of the things I myself have had to in the past. I'd rather the Enemy attack me than her. I can take it, but she doesn't understand. Nevertheless, this refining fire is doing a good work to awaken my family to greater consecration before God. It's not without purpose that He allow it. Pray for strength for my husband, my mom, and myself to be as Christ to Hadahsa through this no matter the ugly repercussions, no matter how long it takes, but certainly pray for Hadahsa's heart to incline to God. Thank you. "
• Read more in depth posts about the journey so far on my dad’s blogHERE.

• Donate to baby Evanna’s birth fund HERE.

 Stay up to date with Evanna’s journey through our Facebook pageHERE.

For the sake of making things easier to read/follow, I’m condensing all the information (plus the newest update!) I’ve shared thus far into one new post.

Back in February, my mom found out she was pregnant. However, at the 20 week mark, we found out for the first time that something might be wrong. My mom is of advanced maternal age, meaning there’s a higher risk of defects and other issues. After several ultrasounds, false diagnoses, a day-long trip to Seattle to meet with specialists and have a fetal MRI, and months of worrying, we finally know what’s wrong.

Evanna has spina bifida - very good news, considering the fact that we had been expecting and bracing for the worst. Her cleft is located in the sacral region. What this means is that, since her cleft is located low on the spine, she has a good chance at being able to walk on her own. She will likely need braces on her legs or crutches, and she will probably need a wheelchair for traveling long distances, but she will probably be able to walk, and the doctors don’t expect her to have learning delays.

However, we have a lot to prepare for. My mom will have a mandatory C-section in Seattle on October 4th, and within the first 12 hours, baby Evanna will be transferred with my dad to a children’s hospital for her first surgery to close the cleft, and another surgery a few days to a week later to put in a shunt to drain excess CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) from her brain. My mom will join her in the hospital a few days after birth, and she and the baby will stay there for a couple weeks.

With all this happening, we could really use both prayers and financial donations. My dad is self-employed and will have to miss a few days of work to be with Evanna during her first few days of life, which means we will lose income. We will also need to provide food for my mom while she’s at the hospital with Evanna, since they don’t provide it for her, travel costs for my dad since he’ll be driving between home and the hospital to be with my mom and the baby as often as he can, baby supplies in general since we gave away ALL our baby stuff after my youngest sibling grew out of them, and various expenses related to my three other younger siblings and myself. We have a lot on our plate right now and any prayer, signal boost, or donation is extremely appreciated. We’ve already had a lot of people help us so far and it’s so incredible to see God’s work through all of this. We all just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done. "

So i was looking for references for a drawing and found this…
Please help and spread the word.


Okay so after a long and hard think I know for sure that I want to recover. I’ve exhausted my options within the NHS, even my therapist doesn’t know how to help me.

I WANT another shot at this; my only other option is private help.

I have set up a gofundme in hope that I can raise the necessary funds for private treatment. 

The link is:

Any tiny donation is a great help, if not a reblog helps too.. Please. It’s been 9 years of hell and I want it over. "

i haven't been very active for like forever bc i'm busy...
maybe i'll try working on some more drawings, bc i'm practicing a lot anyways and i am too busy to write any short stories or much poetry


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